December 29, 2008

Valero Alamo Bowl – Missouri (9-4) vs. Northwestern (9-3) (Alamodome San Antonio, Texas December 29, 2008 8pm ESPN)

Tie Ins: Big 10 #4 or #5 vs Big 12 #4

Dan: Missouri -12.5

Let’s see… Big 10 v. Big 12, one time Heisman hopeful against Northwestern defense… No chance. This one will not be close. The break will have done Missouri good and they will be back in early season form. You can expect a blow-out.

Missouri 38 Northwestern 14

Matt: Northwestern +12.5

I was all set to pick Missouri in this one without even thinking twice. In my bowl confidence picks, I had Missouri way up towards the top. And while I still think Missouri wins, I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that they blow out Northwestern as everyone seems to be predicting. Could someone remind me what it exactly it is about Missouri’s season I am supposed to be impressed with? It seems like a Big 10 team or two always surprises every bowl season, and I think NW keeps it close.

Missouri 41 Northwestern 35

Mike: Northwestern +12.5

This is just too many points for a Missouri team that does not play a lick of defense.

Missouri 45 Northwestern 38

Doug: Missouri -12.5

I know it’s the Alamo Bowl, which is almost always a great game. And I know Missouri is extremely overrated, but I’ve watched Northwestern enough times over the years to know that they are a complete paper tiger. Northwestern is not a good team, and their 9-3 record is a complete mirage. Northwestern has a pretty good offense, but they are trotting MAC talent out there.

Missouri actually reminds me a bit of the Charlie Weis Notre Dame teams. I think the rest will be a good thing for them. Finesse teams like Missouri and ND get worn down over the course of the season, and that’s essentially what happened to Missouri. In the beginning of the year, they started out like a house of fire and couldn’t be stopped on offense. I think we’ll see that team in this game.

I like what Northwestern is doing, but I really am down on the Big 10 and Midwestern football. Wisconsin did the league no favors with that atrocious showing the other night, and I expect more of the same throughout the bowl season. The Big 10 has real problems, and they aren’t going to be corrected any time soon.

Missouri 38 Northwestern 21

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