December 31, 2008

Robert Marve.....Gone!

-- Uh oh, Robert Marve is leaving Miami, and doesn't have a whole lot of good things to say about Randy Shannon. I will be stunned if Randy Shannon turns around Miami. All signs seem to lead me to think that he'll be out of a job within the next couple years after a few more lackluster seasons. I don't really understand why he was hired in the first place. He was the defensive coordinator on some bad Miami teams under Larry Coker. If Miami had gone all out to sell someone like Greg Schiano on the job, that's the route I would have gone. If they get another chance at a hire, I would be putting the full-court press on Schiano. Schiano cannot win a championship at Rutgers, but he can win one at Miami.

-- In other news, Michigan's stud five star defensive tackle recruit Will Campbell has decommitted from Michigan and is now considering other options, including LSU. Yikes. If Michigan loses Campbell, that would be another high-profile decommit for the Wolverines. They are having a pretty good year in recruiting, but the late defections are definitely not a good sign for the program. Plus, they are now searching for a new defensive coordinator after firing the guy from Stanford after one year! Rich Rodriguez's start at Michigan couldn't have been any rockier.

Should be a very interesting season in Ann Arbor next year. I think the spotlight is going to be on in three places next year in college football. South Bend, Ann Arbor, and Baton Rouge.

One thing you have to say about Weis is that this guy seems to be able to recruit no matter how much perceived turmoil there is in our program. 3-9 year...doesn't matter. #1 recruiting class. Rumors circulating about his job after this year. All the commits are staying on board. Pretty impressive. Weis has the pro style Belichick system that recruits want to play in, and he knows how to sell ND. You need to have talent to win in college football, and Weis should be able to produce winning seasons on talent alone. Even if Weis doesn't pan out at ND, he has at least produced some stability and a foundation. Rich Rodriguez has a long way to go toward building a foundation at Michigan.

--The only thing that I would say on Rodriguez's behalf is that the spread offense is absolutely incredible when you have the players for it. Oregon and Oklahoma State both run the spread, and they were putting up points like crazy last night. That offense is very impressive when it is run properly. If you have a quarterback who can run and athletes who can move in space and a line that knows how to block in that scheme, that offense can be really dangerous. If Michigan gets the right players for that system, look out. Every high school team in the country is now running the spread or the pistol offense, so Rodriguez will have plenty of players to recruit for his system.

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