December 29, 2008

Capital One Bowl -- Georgia (9-3) vs. Michigan State (9-3) (Florida Citrus Bowl Orlando, Florida January 1, 2009 1pm ABC)

Tie Ins: Big 10 #2 vs. SEC #2

Dan: Michigan State +7.5

Georgia is just not as good as people expected them to be. At the end of the year they barely beat a miserable Auburn team and then gave up 200 yards in one quarter to lose to Georgia Tech. The rest will be great for Ringer who was showing some wear and tear at the end of the year. I think MSU has a chance to win this game, but the cover should be easy.

Georgia 24 MSU 21

Matt: Georgia -7.5

Two vastly overrated teams. I know that Matthew Stafford is supposed to be a top 2 pick in the NFL Draft, but honestly, I just don’t see it. Way too inconsistent. Of course, I also thought that Matt Ryan would be a bust and it looks like he is Peyton Manning Jr. So we’ll see. It should be a good matchup of Moreno vs. Ringer, and while I have little faith in Georgia’s D to slow down Ringer after their performance against Tech, I think they make a few more plays and escape with a W.

Georgia 30 Michigan State 20

Mike: Michigan State +7.5

Another motivation play here. Georgia has played to the level of its competition all year and, after starting the season ranked #1, the Bulldogs cannot be excited about playing in the Capital One Bowl. By contrast, look for Mark D’Antonio to have the Spartans playing with a huge chip on their shoulder.

Michigan State 24 Georgia 21

Doug: Georgia -7.5

Another great bowl game that I enjoy watching, but I hate this matchup. Absolutely hate it. Michigan State is bogus. They got spanked by every good team they played this year, but there’s really no one else to stick in this game for the Big 10. In fact, this game really shows how much the Big 10 misses a relevant Michigan program. The Big 10 cannot afford for Michigan to be lousy again next year.
Michigan State has a terrible quarterback and a mediocre defense. After watching them against Ohio State, I pretty much have written them off as a legitimate program. They confirmed that when they got annihilated by Penn State.

Georgia has been overrated all year, but they are still a quality program with big time athletes. Georgia has top 15 talent. Michigan State doesn’t.

While I’m here, let this post serve as notice to the Lions to please not draft Matt Stafford with the first pick in the draft. I know they need a quarterback, but good god. Stafford is not that impressive, and I haven’t seen anything out of this guy that points to him being a future Pro Bowler. Why would you hand that guy a $50 million contract?? If I was the Lions, I would be addressing that o-line by drafting one of the top LT prospects (Oher or the Alabama guy). There are two good ones out there, and the Lions could benefit by taking either one. Build from within and then find an undervalued QB on the trade market who you can use as a stopgap for a couple years. Look at what Parcells did in Miami. He beefed up his lines, he found Pennington off the scrap heap, and the Dolphins won the AFC East. It’s not that difficult. You win in the NFL by having great line play, and guys like Parcells have figured this out. The people running teams like the Lions and Bengals haven’t, and that’s why they are picking at the top of the draft every year. There isn’t a great defensive tackle or d-lineman out there in the draft this year, so the Lions should be going o-line if you ask me.

Then again, as a Bengal fan, I am hoping that one of those offensive tackles is available at #6, so maybe I should be pulling for the Lions to take Stafford. If the Bengals could get Oher with the #6 pick, I would be thrilled. Plug him in there for the next 10 years as an anchor and then build up the line around him.

Who am I kidding? The Bengals are drafting Beanie Wells, and I’m already hot and bothered before the pick has even been made. The Bengals have money tied up in bad or hurt o-linemen, and they are probably thinking that they need a splash to get fans to buy tickets for next year (even fans really just want to see a winning product). Beanie will be laying on the carpet in Detroit during the preseason with a bum foot or an ACL, and Mike Brown will turn ghost white knowing that he blew another high draft pick.

Georgia 24 Michigan State 10

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