December 18, 2008

New Mexico Bowl – Colorado State (6-6) vs Fresno State (7-5) (Albuquerque - December 20, 2008 2:30pm ESPN)

Dan: Colorado State +3

Huge match-up here. This is the perfect time to rant about the disastrous situation that has become the landscape of the college football bowl system. And I don’t mean the BCS. A 6-6 team vs. a 7-5 team that lost its last game of the season 61 – 10. Two middle of the pack teams from minor conferences. Who cares? Who really wants to watch this game on December 20th? For comparison purposes, this game is on the same time as college basketball games such as MSU v. Texas, Xavier vs. Duke, and UConn v. Gonzaga. You can bet my TV will be on CBS and not ESPN. And oh, I think Fresno State has a hangover.

Colorado State 28 Fresno State 27

Matt: Fresno State (-3)

Some of these picks figure to be no more than uneducated guesses, and that includes this years scintillating New Mexico Bowl, sure to be played in front of hundreds of rabid Bulldog and Ram fans. When in doubt, go with the man with the mustache.

Fresno 24 Colorado St 17

Mike: Colorado State (+3)

Motivation is always an important factor in college football, but its importance seems to be magnified in bowls, which are essentially exhibition games. Fresno State, as in years past, has shown very little interest in playing out its late season schedule and there is no reason to think that they will be excited about the New Mexico Bowl.

Colorado State 30 Fresno State 20

Doug: Colorado State +3

Now that's a bowl logo! Bold and colorful with some nice Western flavor. It's too bad the game is so weak. 5th place WAC against 5th place Mountain West. Yikes.

Well, I put down Fresno State without even thinking about it, but after doing a little research, I’ll hop on the Rams bandwagon for this game. Colorado State sounds like they are fired up to be in this game, and Fresno could care less. If Colorado State wins this game, maybe they use it as a springboard to get back near the top of the Mountain West. My only betting strategy with these lesser bowl games is to bet on the team that wants the game more. Half the teams in these bowl games don’t have any interest in being there after finals and the holidays and all that. There are a surprisingly high number of blowouts in bowl games, and I think it all comes down to motivation.

Am I the only one who can’t differentiate between the Mountain West and the WAC?? I honestly couldn’t tell you which conference half these teams are in. The only ones I know are in the Mountain West are Utah and BYU and TCU and Air Force, and I know Boise and Hawaii are in the WAC. But what about all these other random west coast schools?? San Diego State?? New Mexico?? New Mexico State? Wyoming? Nevada? I honestly couldn’t tell you which league half those teams are in. Is there a geographic separation that I don’t know about?? It seems like teams from both leagues are spread out all over the Mountain region and the west coast area.
I have no idea who is going to win this game, so I’ll take the points and the more motivated team.

Colorado State 31 Fresno State 27

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