December 05, 2008

SEC Championship Game

Color me fired up for this SEC championship game.

Call me crazy, but I think Alabama is going to shock the world and win this game. Feels a little like the New England-New York Giants game. Just seems like a lot of these predicted "one sided" matchups always end up being a lot tighter.

If Bama was some paper tiger like Ohio State, I would expect them to get exposed. But they went 12-0 in the SEC!! They went to some tough venues and won. It just seems like they are getting no respect, and they might just come out with a chip on their shoulder. NO ONE seems to be giving Bama a shot, but their lines are big and physical. And Nick Saban is on that sideline!!! He is going to have them ready to go. Their defense is the most physical defense in the country.

I know Florida is a different team than they were early in the year, but I watched that Florida-Ole Miss game. Ole Miss's d-line DOMINATED Florida, and that's a big reason why they won. If you get physical with them, they might not respond well.

I think Florida is incredible, but you never know in a one game situation. If Bama's d-line is getting pressure on Tebow, I think they can win it. I obviously wouldn't be surprised if Florida won 31-6, but I'm hoping for a great game.

Don't get me wrong, I love Urban Meyer and Tebow and Harvin and all those guys, but I'm pulling for the Tide this week. Alabama has had some hard times as a football program. I'd love to see them win this game and go on to win the national title. Roll Tide!

Bama 24 Florida 21

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