December 29, 2008

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl -- Houston (7-5) vs. Air Force (8-4) (Amon G. Carter Stadium Fort Worth, Texas December 31, 2008

Tie Ins: Mountain West vs CUSA

Dan: Air Force +2.5

Points, points, and more points. This stretch of bowls is definitely offense driven. Houston’s run defense is one of the worst in the country. I expect Air Force to run the ball successfully and control the tempo of the game. If they can keep control of the game and keep Houston off the field for long stretches of time, I think they can win this game. But I’m not sure they can hold down the Houston offense enough for the win.

Houston 42 Air Force 41

Matt: Air Force +2.5

What the heck – it’s the Armed Forces bowl so I go with the armed forces of Air Force. By the way, how weird is it that Bell Helicopter sponsors a bowl. Chick Fil-A, Tostitos, Outback – I can see all those. Maybe I go out and buy some more of their stuff after watching the game. But how many people are going out and buying a freaking helicopter after watching this one?

Air Force 31 Houston 30

Mike: Houston –2.5

Interesting contrast of styles here, as Houston will attack through the air and Air Force, despite its name, will attack on the ground. This was an entertaining bowl last year and I am a little disappointed that I will not get to watch this year.

Houston 38 Air Force 34

Doug: Houston -2.5

My initial pick here was Air Force, but now I’ve seen that Houston has already played Air Force this year. Really??? Why was this bowl game scheduled?? Couldn’t the people running these bowl games have created a different matchup?? That is ridiculous. With all the different bowl games out there, I can’t believe that we are seeing repeats of regular season games.

If this was the first meeting between the two teams, I would have picked Air Force to win. It is very hard to deal with the option when you are facing it for the first time. But if Houston has already played Air Force this year, they know what’s coming. They’ll be ready for Air Force, and the Cougars have a pretty potent offense of their own.

I hate picking Houston just because of David Klingler, but I think they’ll win this game. Plus, I actually thought Andre Ware did a nice job announcing the ND-Hawaii game. He was very complimentary of Jimmy Clausen and the Irish. I’ll throw a bone to his alma mater.

Houston 31 Air Force 17

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