December 23, 2008

Motor City Bowl – Florida Atlantic (6-6) vs. Central Michigan (8-4) (Ford Field Detroit December 26, 2008 7:30pm ESPN)

Tie Ins: Big Ten #7 vs MAC

Dan: Central Michigan -7.5

Central Michigan gets to play in state against a Sun Belt team. I watched Central Michigan play Ball State, and they are not that bad of a team. FAU is 6-6 team that barely squeaked into a bowl. It makes me sick to think that it could have been Notre Dame playing in this bowl. But for this game, FAU gave up 50 to FIU. I don’t think they will hold Central Michigan to much less.

Central Michigan 42 FAU 28

Matt: Central Michigan -7.5

For everyone who claims that there are too many bowl games, I present to you the 2008 R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl. OK, so in the grand scheme of things it didn’t mean much, and I know it was on opposite the Giants-Panthers, but that was a helluva college football game. Both teams, probably because of their proximity to New Orleans, brought out a ton of fans. The game went to overtime and was decided on a field goal off the upright by a kicker named Barefoot and ultimately ended on a blocked field goal. Unfortunately there was a Tyrone Prothro moment where a receiver on Southern Miss had his leg literally snap in half, but other than that, a great game. It’s for that reason that I’ll be tuning into the Motor City Bowl when no one else will be. Give me 59 bowl games. The 119th ranked team in the BCS can stay home.

Central Michigan 34 FAU 17

Mike: Central Michigan –7.5

Once again, I have outsourced this pick to Mr. Sagarin.

Central Michigan 34 Florida Atlantic 21

Doug: Florida Atlantic +7.5

So the Big Ten couldn't get that seventh team in this year for the mighty Motor City Bowl in lovely Detroit?? Why isn't TARP sponsoring this bowl anyway since it appears that we are going to bail out the auto industry? I digress.

I can’t even believe I’m admitting it, but I’ll probably be watching this game with the in-laws on Friday night. Why not?? Might as well saddle up, grab a little holiday turkey and a cold beer, and watch this clunker. The Motor City has actually had some decent games in its history. I remember Cincy playing an epic game with some MAC team about five years ago behind the golden arm of Gino Giudugli.

My only reason for picking Florida Atlantic here is that I feel like the “mid-major” tide is shifting a little bit toward the south. The MAC teams were always the plucky underdogs that pulled the upsets, but I think these random southern schools are going to be carrying the torch for small school football in the future.

Florida Atlantic 27 Central Michigan 21

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